Latest Events

Duo SoNoMa
27. November 2023

Mira and Sarah Gregoric are two sisters who have been playing music together from their early childhood. The Duo Sonoma is characterized by the fact that they have been making music together for over 20 years, which is reflected in the unique interaction.

Between Moon and Sun
20. November 2023

A beautiful collaboration with Mohamed Elegimy (Qanun), Hany Bedair (Percussion), and Nour Elshamy (Cello), all from Egypt, meets with the French/Canadian singer, author, and composer Marie Trezanini 

What Violence Costs
13. November 2023

 our campaign of raising awareness for a “Sexual Harassment Free Campus”
Two days – see the program - with mini-workshops, casual talks, street theatre and puppet theatre .

Cairo Jazzman
6. November 2023

immerse yourself in the wonderful world of music in the beautiful Ibn Rushd Hall. We look forward to seeing you and having a nice break from your everyday routine

A Family trip
30. October 2023

 A Family Trip" by Tiatro Metro, an unique journey that will take you to a realm of dreams and fantasy. We gladly welcome you to attend this remarkable event.

Last Night of Faust
23. October 2023


State of Harmony 
16. October 2023

they all play the same instrument, the Cello. But there is not only the music by the 5 cellists to hear, there is also a movie screening at the same time to see old-time movies .

Arab Takht Brand 
9. October 2023

Immerse yourself in the melodious charm of timeless classics at this extraordinary singing concert.

International Cairo Classical Ensemble 
2. October 2023

featurinf musicians from Finland, Austria, and Egypt.
a programme of music inspired from dances from across the globe.

Prophet Mohammed's Birthday 
25. September 2023

On this auspicious occasion, we are honored to present the renowned Syrian Al Marashli Group,
who enchanted us with their mesmerizing renditions of songs dedicated to the Prophet Mohammed.

 Educational Program 
28. August 2023

We had Cecf founder Dr. Bashar Arafat, in a talk about different opportunities for educational, cultural, and Business exchange programs.
Also, a group of Indonesian postgraduate scholars from Ptiq University and Rosita Tando, the Manager of Women Ulama Cadre Education of Istiqlal Mosque Indonesia introduced their program in Egypt.

 Nigerian Cultural Show
21. August 2023

 the sequence of Cultural Shows  lead us to Africa.
We experienced Nigerian Culture and enjoyed this beautiful country's traditional music and dance.
The speech of the Ambassador of Nigeria, Dr. Nura Abba Rimi, gave us enriching insights into the Nigerian Country."

Yemen Cultural Show
14. August 2023

Yemen's Ambassador and Cultural Attaché, offering insights into Yemeni heritage.
Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of traditional Yemeni music performed by Hassan Elzoghby and his group, gaining a deeper understanding of the country's rich tapestry. 

Palestinian Cultural Show
7. August 2023

Members of the Palestinian community in Egypt performed traditional insights into their culture.
An introduction to the event was given by Dr Kareem Hussein, HU advisor for international relations.

Indonesian Cultural Show
19. June 2023

a captivating CULTURAL FEST showcasing Indonesia's rich heritage.

Prepare to be enthralled by the harmonious melodies, mesmerizing dances, vibrant attire, and martial arts demonstrations,
all presented by 50 talented Indonesian scholars hailing from Cairo's Indonesian community.

Pain of Man
8/15. June 2023

The pain of a Man - a dance performance
What does a man suffer from? What are a man's feelings, and what is his greatest pain? Based on interviews, the performance shows different stages of man's life.

Aghani Bel Arabi
13. June 2023

he concert consists of the most well-known Egyptian folk songs, composed by distinguished Egyptian composers such as Sayed Darwish, Gamal Abdel Rahim and others.

The songs are arranged by Nayer Nagui, for a mixed chorus and soloists in an internationally acknowledged harmonic arrangement, accompanied by piano and oriental percussions.

Our Syrian Sisters and Brothers
22. May 2023

This Space of Culture was not a usual one.
We want to create an atmosphere of silence and thoughtfulness when it comes to raising awareness of the deep need of others.
We call this
"Togetherness of Compassion"

Obelisque Ensemble
15. May 2023

Experience the awe-inspiring sound of the orchestra as they perform a range of classical music pieces from various musical composers and eras.
This is a unique opportunity provided by Space of Culture that you wouldn't want to miss. 

Ahmed El-Refay Band - Oriental Flair
8. May 2023

Space of Culture resumed its activities post-Ramadan with a performance by Ahmed ElRefay and his band,
featuring an exceptional blend of old Oriental music and melodies, complemented by an assortment of instruments from diverse cultures.

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20,22. March 2023

The pain of a Man - a dance performance
What does a man suffer from? What are a man's feelings, and what is his greatest pain? Based on interviews, the performance shows different stages of man's life.

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6,8. March 2023

Two Feminists two monologues
What does a man suffer from? What are a man's feelings, and what is his greatest pain? Based on interviews, the performance shows different stages of man's life.

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A Musical Journey Through the Ages
28. February 2023

As you travel through time, you will listen to a variety of classical music programs from the 16th century to the present day.
It featured two Dutch violinists, Astrid Abas & Jan Erik van Regteren Altena.

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 The Austrian Moritz Weiss Trio
27. February 2023

The Austrian Moritz Weiss Trio performed at the Space of Culture at HU in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum. showcasing their genius storytelling through energetic and artistic music.

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Brothers of the wind.
20. February 2023

 In a world where it takes courage to fly
Brothers of the wind- is a film with a breathtaking scenario and a fantastic story. 

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Mandolin Dance 
13. February 2023

As the first mandolin band in Egypt and the Arab world, the Azza Mandolin Band has toured the world in many countries.
It was Azza mandolin who played the mandolin and taught the instrument in Egypt. 

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Last Night of Faust
7. February 2023

A play was written by Essam Abdelaziz
Directed by Tamer Elgzar
At the Italian Cultural Institute, Zamalek 

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Klassik-Fusion Concert 
30. January 2023

five musicians who take you on a journey through classical music with elements by the queen of Arabic instruments: the oud.
The cross-cultural Quintett consists of Austrian violinist Marianne Brandstettner, Finnish violinist Laura Virtanen, Egyptian viola player Rasha Yehia, cellist Shady Hanna and Khaled Kamel on the oud.

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The project 
16. January 2023

Wagdy el Fiwy and his Band give us the opportunity to dive deep into Arabic music,
dream with the music and relax for a moment to get newly inspired by the Arabic world of music.

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Body Images - Women are more than bodies
2. January 2023

Sexual Harassment Free Campus at HU campaign.
A presentation by Sohila Mohamed
An opening speech Dr. Radwa Shalby 

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Concert with 
International songs
26. December 2022

 Ibn Rushd Hall opened doors for a concert with international songs performed by two German musician guests, Marco Bindelli on the piano and Lena Sutor Wernich singing. They allowed us to experience the great world of songs and guided us through different countries. 

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Ahmad Al Haggar Concert
19. December 2022

Ahmad, an Egyptian singer, songwriter, and producer, is a double graduate from the Higher Institute of Arabic Music in Giza and Berklee College of Music in Boston. During his time in the US, he had the privilege of performing alongside world-renowned artists like Carole King and Jason Mraz.

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13. December 2022

we had the chance to see 30 fine artists working and exhibiting their paintings. They were waiting for you ALL DAY! It was a pleasure for them to share their artwork with you.

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"WINDOWS" with EMAD HAMDY and his band. 
12. December 2022

Emad Hamdy is a great and famous guitarist in Egypt and internationally and is counted to be one of the best guitarists in the world.
He is the founder of Egypt's only and most important guitar school. 

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5/6. December 2022

THE LAST NIGHT OF FAUST (in Arabic), Essam Abdelaziz wrote a play. at Huda Elsharaawy Theater 

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HU 10 years anniversary
28. November 2022

Students are presenting insights about their faculties. And we will enjoy artistic performances from students, like the HU Drummers, a theater play, and a choir. 

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the Trio "Accordionella
21. November 2022

They are a musical band gathered in the love of music and are performing western & oriental music in different styles.They perform their own compositions as well. The combination of the three instruments, accordion, played by Rafeek Gamal, the guitar, played by Dany Joseph and the drums, played by Ahmed Adel, are unique and spread a lovely sound.

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Beit el Hekma - poetry salon
7. November 2022

performed by students about Dreams, Desire, Feelings, sweetness and more 

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Ameer Mosa
hawadeet musical band
24. october 2022

we enjoyed listening to the compositions by Ameer Mosa himself, as well as assorted works of different Egyptian and Arab stylized musical pieces. The music was based on oriental instruments like the oud, zither, flute, violin, cello, bass guitar, percussion, and tambourine. 

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"Del'Moanath Salem"
17. october 2022

2nd phase of implementing a Sexual Harassment Free Campus at HU with a guestplay by Sudoku theatre group. It is about forced, early, late marriage, domestic violence sexual harassment and FGM/circulation.

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Egypt is beautiful
Yalla Beena Band 
10. october 2022

Sherif Mostafa piano
Sreven Simon bass
Felipe Vignolo guitar
Ashraf Saleh percussion
Hagar Mesalam singer
Andreas El Farfosh singer
Eslam Simba drums

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26. September 2022

The worldwide famous Band from Austria.
Their songs are full of enthusiasm.
And you will hear the amazing instrument Didgeridoo.
We are very lucky and it's a great honour to have this Band with us at HU.
they enjoy the opening of the new semester and welcoming of our new students with.

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Drums concert 
29. June 2022

we enjoyed the upbeat music outside in the sunlight with our students drummers unique band.  

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Hu musicians summer concert 
27. June 2022

Our musicians from Heliopolis University wish you a beautiful summer time with their enjoyable summer concert with a variety of music pieces in different music styles

Sherif Mostafa (piano)
Janette Zaki (voice)
Eslam Magdy (percussion)
Eslam el Tony (violin)  

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Beit El Hekma our poetry-journey
5/6/12/13/14. June 2022

we were invited to join a journey of 5 days with our students reading poetry at different places

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Life is Beautiful Concert
6/9/16. June 2022

A concert with songs from 5 countries by YALLA BEENA BAND 
Sherif Mostafa piano
Felipe Vignolo guitar
Steven Simon bass
Ashraf Saleh percussion 
Hager Mesalam singer
Andreas El Farfosh singer
took place in sekem wahat and sekem farm and Ibn Rushd Hall in HU

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24. May 2022

Lettereality is an amazing exhibition by the polish fine artist Izabela Uchman.

In her artwork you can experience her unique way of bringing a single letter into artistic reality, where the intellectual meaning enters another realm - the image.
A strong,directly touching calligraphy. 

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16. May 2022

Space of Culture was back again after the Ramadan break
presenting an amazing concert with the 2 musicians
Michal Knot, saxophonist and
Bogdan Laketic accordionist
of the outstanding DUO ALIADA from Austria.

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"Comedy to combat a cruel tradition" 
21. March 2022

(in Arabic with English subtitles) by HARA TV.
"Comedy to combat a cruel tradition" is about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM/Circumcision) - documentary on video
With kind permission by Nada Sabet
Music by ElBouma, with kind permission by Mariam and Marina Samir

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 "White Roses" 
15. March 2022

Two girls, two stories..
One story is about the different treatment of her as a girl and her younger brother, and how she was betrayed by her boyfriend when she was an adult.
The other story is about becoming reprimanded by being a girl.. she was sexually harassed and forced to keep silent, to keep it as a secret.

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  "Society on Court" 
14. March 2022

The play revolves around the situation of women in Egypt and presents three different types of women: Afaf, the outsider of history, and Sara, the powerful lawyer who fights for women's rights, as well as Rahma, the ordinary type of woman today.
The main point is to revolt against society by putting it in its place. To be fair, this play is not about victimizing women (even though they are 99% of the time), but rather showing our failure as a society and what we have done wrong.

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 "Liberty walks naked"
8/9. March 2022

 "Sexual Harassment Free Campus at HU"
as a new field of learning and raising awareness.

Professor Dr. Gouda Kamal will give the opening speech.
After that, you can enjoy a wonderful talk between two amazing women,
the Syrian poet Maram al Masri and the Iranian poet Samar Shahdad in the production

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 Cross-cultural concert of the Austrian-Italian band KIANN & the Egyptian mezzo-soprano Jolie Faizy.
7. March 2022

In this concert we experienced a catchy instrumental crossover pop music with the Austrian and Italian musicians Kiann (Piano, Cello, Vioilin),

meeting the classical Egyptian mezzo-soprano voice of Jolie Faizy. It was very unique and definitely an amazing musical adventure.

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L.v.Beethoven , Piano Concerto Op. 73 Nr. 5
28. february 2022

Beethovens piano concerts are one of the greatest music pieces which exist. We had the huge opportunity to listen to the piano concerto Op 73 Nr 5 from Beethoven played by our HU and Sekem pianist Sherif Moustafa as a Solist, accompanied by Ghada Shaker who plays the orchestra part with the piano.

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Acapella Choir Concert
21. february 2022

the concert took place at our Hoda Shaarway Theatre make an exquisite performance.  

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Hazem Shahin Oud Night
7. february 2022

Hazem is an acclaimed Oud player and composer, the leading and founding member of Eskenderella – an Egyptian band renowned for reviving the lesser-known works of the Egyptian composers Sayyed Darweesh and Al-Sheikh Imam.

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Adonis & Badr Shakir Al-Sayyab friends meet.
3. january 2022

A poet has the role of a seer who gives poetry the task of creating a human world dominated by the values of freedom, beauty, and goodness.
arranged and acted by
Hamada Shousha and Tamer Elgazzar 

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„The Lawsuit of the Animals against Humanity“
15. December 2021

a guest play of the theater troupe ACT
„The Lawsuit of the Animals against Humanity“
(in Arabic)
Directed by Leila Saad

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13. December 2021

The program leaded us on a journey through different musical landscapes and poetic pictures. We are all on a journey through our life. There are different movements, moods and characters, like in the music. We are walking our path like a caravan, searching for an aim. But the most important is, to walk on the path. This activity is the aim itself.

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  concert with Trio Alba from Austria. 
6. December 2021

Trio Alba are the German violinist Livia Sellin, the Austro-Italian violoncellist Philipp Comploi, and the Chinese-Austrian pianist Chengcheng Zhao.
Their concert career started in 2009. Since then they have been touring worldwide.
they play passionate and compelling playfulness

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 Biodiversity and future of life.
29. November 2021

Presented by Dr Sherif Bahaa Eldin, President of Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE).
he is one of Egypt's most prominent naturalist. His various discoveries, his contributions to conversations, his long involvement in developing Egypt's most protected areas have made him a key figure in environmental circles. 

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Between Dreaming and Forgetting
22. November 2021

He is an academic, writer, painter and poet. His published poetry works include: 
"love poems from ancient Egypt"
"Moon in the night of the city"
and " A deep blue sky"

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15. November 2021

The poets :
Huda Hossein. 
Azza Hussein.
Lobna Ahmed Nour.
Ahmed Shafle.
Moderated by:
Ghada Khalifa
they read poams which focused on change.

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8. November 2021

Our Musicians at HU
 invited us for
a musical journey which is specially
designed for you.
You enjoyed different styles of music.

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 Re-connecting to Feminine Power
25. November 2021

Poetry in Arabic by Ghada Khalifa.
She is a poet and visual artist. She was invited to several poetry readings in France, Morocco, and Sweden.
She is also a writing instructor. After the poetry reading there was a workshop in story writing.

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  live performance of  NOURAN ABU TALEB
18. October 2021

Nourhan Abu Taleb the talnted singer performed for the new commers welcoming party at HU in Ibrahim Abouleish Theatre.

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"Music was my first Love"
11. October 2021

Space of Culture
was back again
after the summer break and opening the season again
with a beautiful concert.
it is all about music and love

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 the Art of Stick Dance event
29. July 2021

 It is an old tradition in the Arabic Egyptian culture. The stick dance group from the Medhat Fawzy
Centre in Mallawi is famous for cultivating this old tradition and its very expressive performances. Under the artistic direction of Hassan el Geretly, the founder of El Warsha Theater Company, we have the pleasure to adventure these very energetic dances full of life power and joy. 

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Days of the week – Art Gallery
13. July 2021

"Trying to discover the relation between planets and days which is mentioned everyday in the morning circle in SEKEM & HU community....
Fine Arts' instructors were inspired by this theme and tried to express it with colors and forms

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 "The Hidden Treasure Women of Sufism" 
28. July 2021

(in Arabic)
Idea and set up by Dorothea Walter based on the book by Camille Adams Heininski
in the Huda Shaarawy Theatre

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“Night Traveller”
14/22. June 2021

2021 is the year of the 90th birthday and 40 years of passing away of Salah Abul Saboor. He was an Egyptian free verse poet, editor, play wright and essayist. He started to write verses at the age of 13. Salah graduatwe from Cairo university in 1951 with a degree in Arabic Literature. 

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Mixed Media Mash Up Art exhibition Interactive workshop.
8. June 2021

In this workshop, we explored the possibilities of working together on a collaborative art project of a special nature.
We used different materials simultaneously and find an aesthetically pleasing result together.
Throughout the process, participants get acquainted with many different art media and how to blend them as well as training free imagination to lead the creative process and enforcing teamwork skills. 

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 ( Ya Sham Concert ) 
7. June 2021

( Ya Sham ) is a Syrian band performing Syrian cultural dance and singing.
they performed at Ibrahim Aboulieish Theatre. 

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The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind
29. March & 5. April 2021
Shows a film in two parts 

A thirteen-year-old boy in Malawi invents an unconventional way to save his family and village from famine – against all odds.

Based on the best selling book and true story of William Kamkwamba.

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Postgraduate Scholarships Tips
29. March 2021

Heliopolis Student's shared their experience

How to grow your skills for the future?
How to utilize a scholarship?
it was in: 
Ibn Rushed Hall
Zoom meeting

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Let's Sing
15. March 2021

  SEKEM School Choir
Class 4 to 9
100 students performed with joy and enthusiasm
to Inspire us with their dynamic talent. 

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The International Women’s Day celebration
8. March 2021


Pink is often used as a symbolic colour by groups involved in issues important to women.

How we celebrated OUR day?

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SOUL – with Arabic subtitles
15/22. February 2021

The movie was two parts with a discussion always afterwards.

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 A Bird came out of the Window
8. February 2021

Songs of the good old days
Hager Mesalam - Voice
Sherif Mostafa - Piano
Steven Simon - Bass
Ashraf Salah - Percussion

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  Eslam El Tony Band
1. February 2021

Enjoy a chilling moment with a mixture of old and new Arabic songs that are close to our hearts.

Eslam El Tony Violin
Ahmed Magdy Piano
Andrew Maher Guitar
Mohamed Shebl percussion   

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Photography in our world
18. January 2021

We are living in a world of photography that affects us on daily basis.
We watched a documentary about "photography in our world" and enjoyed a discussion about it afterwards. 

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