The History

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“The polarity between the two fundamentally different cultures began to dissolve within me to the benefit of a new, distinct third quality […] this is certainly no cheap compromise, it is not mere tolerance but a Synthesis.” —Prof. Ibrahim Abouleish

Since Sekem’s founding in 1977, the Founder Ibrahim Abouleish (1937 – 2017) saw Culture & Art as central to the realization of Sekem’s vision of integral human development and since 2017 it is one of the Sekem Vision Goals.

Thus Art & Culture have been an essential pillar throughout decades, embedded in the core of each of the integral spheres of ecology, culture, education and economy not as entertainment, but as a catalyst for the evolutionary impulse of the Sekem vision.  

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Location and Facilities

The Space of Culture is a multi-component cosmos that comprises a Roman theater in the heart of the Heliopolis University campus and can host up to 1,000 participants. There is also the theater hall that can accommodate up to 250 persons and the Averroes main hall for exhibitions and lectures. Furthermore, all of the three components of the Space of Culture are designed with a special emphasis on supporting visuals and acoustics and are equipped with a modern sound and light systems for elegant and captivating performances.

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Sponsoring the Space of Culture

You are about to make a difference in someone’s life from the unprivileged surrounding communities we are targeting. With your help, we will be one step closer to towards the society’s mentality shift and transformation and then move forward to peace and intercultural dialogue.

You can contribute financially or in-kind to any of the components of the Space of Culture. If you are interested in sponsoring the Space of Culture, Sponsor us

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