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Between Moon and Sun
Uniting Cultures

In a fusion of cultures and melodies, the "Between Moon and Sun" concert swept through the walls of Ibrahim Abouleish theater this Monday. Not just a musical showcase, it was rather a cultural expedition that demonstrated the beauty of Muashahat - a genre deeply rooted in Arabic poetry and music, renowned for its intricate rhythms, poetic lyrics, and melodic sophistication. Muashahat serves as a cultural mosaic, drawing from various linguistic and musical traditions across the Middle East and Mediterranean.
The collaboration of the performers was a true celebration of unity through music. Enchanting and evocative sound of qanun (Mohamed Elegimy) painted intricate Arabic tunes while riq (Hany Bedair) added rhythmic layers, and cello (Nour Elshamy) bridged the musical gaps, weaving a captivating narrative. Marie Trezanini's celestial voice effortlessly soared through several Mediterranean languages, including Arabic, Turkish and Greek. From haunting ballads to love tunes, each of her songs carried the essence of its origin, painting a vivid tapestry of diverse cultures harmoniously coexisting.
"Between Moon and Sun" was a cultural odyssey, an ode to the unifying power of music. In this blend of talent and tradition, the musicians crafted an unforgettable experience, leaving the audience’s hearts resonating with the beauty of shared humanity, reflecting the name of the concert that refers to our shared planet.
To explore the beautiful world of Muashahat music you can visit Marie Trezanini’s official website.

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