The Integral Space of Culture at Heliopolis University & Sekem serves to unleash the power of Arts and
Culture as vital catalysts for awakening human potential and pioneering societal renewal.

It is the core of the cultural life of Heliopolis University and the inspiring heart
of the holistic SEKEM Initiative in Egypt.

It celebrates arts from different spheres and cultural backgrounds to foster
human development.

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Ibrahim Abouleish (1937 - 2017)
Founder of the SEKEM Initiative & Heliopolis University.

"The power of art gives hope and courage and through beauty works in a humanizing fashion. Art lives out of a strong center; it needs a consciously created space to unfold itself while at the same time it occupies a border area. Art also leads to a sensory training, through which people advance themselves and liberate their senses”.

The integral purpose and approach to the Space of Culture


Art in and with nature to cultivate an earth culture

Unfolding Potential

Art and Culture to express and unfold consciousness and develop human flourishing  

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Innovating Knowledge

Art as a forum for the engaging transmission of the wisdom of the world’s

Transforming Society

Art for societal transformation and public engagement and a drive for cultural Renaissance 

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