Renowned Egyptologist Zahy Hawass at Heliopolis University


The Space of Culture at Heliopolis University hosted recently the world-renowned Egyptologist Dr. Zahy Hawass who delivered a very interesting lecture in which he disclosed many of the secrets of the pyramids and the ancient Egyptians life.

The event started with a welcoming speech by Dr. Mohamed Yousri Hashem, the University President who thanked Dr. Hawass for coming. “I believe that Dr. Hawass passion has made him the most well-known Egyptologist and promoter of the ancient Egyptian history” said Dr. Hashem.

A short documentary was played about Dr. Hawass’ achievements and some of the criticism he received. Dr. Hawass explained that he started with this documentary as he believes that we should always listen to different points of view and think about them without losing self-confidence.

Dr. Hawass endorsed the university’s name “Heliopolis” as it is named after a major city of ancient Egypt and it means “The City of the Sun.” He clarified that most of the ancient Egyptian monuments are still buried under earth and not discovered yet. Also, the Pyramids still have a lot of secret tunnels and rooms that his team is currently exploring.

At the end of his speech, Dr. Hawass answered some questions by students. He also invited them to visit the Pyramids, study the great history of the ancient Egyptians, and never believe in myths like the Curse of the Pharos.