How to Make Your Dreams Come True and Overcome the Impossible

The Space of Culture hosted this week Dr. Gehad Ibrahim, a Human Development Lecturer, Member of Parliament, and a Swimming Champion in Egypt and Bassam Elkhory, an Expert on Human Development certified by Professor Edward De Bono Six Thinking Hats who gave a session on how to overcome barriers to achieve your dreams, and how to turn your dreams into real life goals.

Although I suffered from polio since I was one year old, this did not stop me from achieving my dreams,” says Dr. Ibrahim who has faced all the challenges and graduated with honor from her college. Then she became a swimming champion and finally motivational speaker and a member of the Egyptian Parliament.

Elkhory also spoke to the students asking them to love themselves in a way that make them accept their capabilities and talents. This acceptance will definitely lead to develop these abilities and skills. “Goals will never be achieved without that motivating positive energy based on self confidence“, Elkhory confirmed.